Special Events

Corporate Outings And Picnics

Landmark's humble beginnings can be traced back to performing small Corporate Outings. These can range in a variety of menu options. We are mobile, and that means we will come to you to provide excellent food and service. No outing is too big, or too small for our services. We are happy to meet with you to discuss the type of function, number of people, and customize a menu to fit your needs.

Outdoor Sporting Events

One of our areas of expertise is concessions. As a result, we are the perfect company to call on for planning your food needs for your next soccer, lacrosse, baseball, high school football, or Frisbee tournament.


Our management team has an abundance of catering experience. Although catering encompasses great food and great service, we are there from the planning stages through the clean-up. Every catering is both unique and important, and Landmark treats each event with the sense of urgency and detail you deserve.